I need food!

Relax! I know it can seems daunting, where can I get food from within 160km? Well here’s a list of the places I’ve found locally to get various odds and ends, so I can make dinner and what not. It’ll get you started, and then you can go on your own expeditions to find new sources. Let me know if you have some to add.

The links page might have some useful links for you as well, Interesting Bits&Pieces


-Fruit and Vegies

+Victoria Markets, Elizebeth st. Alot of the produce here is locally grown. If you know what is in season, then all you need to do is ask the stall holder and they should be able to tell you.

Marino Brothers, stall B27-34, this stall at Vic Markets sources they’re mushies (Resovoir), broccoli (Weribbee) and mandarines (Geelong) locally, and are happy to have a chat about whats from where. Look for a yellow umbrella, they’re up in the top right corner of the markets, towards North Melbourne.

+Chan Phat Groceries, Victoria st. This grocers gets all they’re vegies from farms near Geelong.

+Melbourne’s Farmers Markets, I haven’t been yet, but been told they are a good source of fresh and local vegies and meat also.

+CERES Organic market, it happens Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-1pm. There’s a bunch of stuff grown on site and near by. They also source stuff from a farm near Colac. You need to check whats local and whats not.


+Toan Thang Victory Butchery, Victoria st. They sell pork meat, and said it was bred locally near Melbourne.

+J&M Poultry, 482A Bridge Rd. This shop specialises in chicken and sources it all from sources within and close to Melbourne. Its a yellow shop.

+Alpine Smallgoods, Bridge Rd, just up from J&M Poultry. They make all their gear on site and source the meat from local farmers.


+Maquarie Seafood, at Vic markets. These guys have mussels that are from Mt Arlington, near Geelong. They’re tasty and pretty cheap.

-Other Bits

+ IGA, Glenferrie Rd. They stock, and I guess most IGA’s in Melbourne, some items that are ok.

– Western Star butter, locally produced, not sure about the milk source.

– Eggs, generally local

– Farmers Union yoghurt, locally produced, not sure about milk source.


– Meat

+ Jones St Butchery, 629 Jones st. All the meat here is locally sourced. There’s also local eggs, and they make a lot of their own smallgoods from local meats.

– Vegies

+ Rotary Markets. These are held every Sunday in the Tax Office carpark, from 6-7am depending how keen you are. They wrap up about 12pm. Theres a variety of local vegies on offer, along with home made produce such as jams, sauces, cakes etc. Local eggs are also available. Plus plenty of old junk to look through.

-Other Bits

+ D’deli, near the tax office. This deli specialises in local produce and has very good quality stuff from around the area.

One response to “I need food!

  1. Sally Denshire

    Buy local fruit and veg from
    Try Vallos in West end plaza for
    Stanley apples, Beechworth apple juice, Kiewa Valley broccolli…
    The organic Fix, Townsend St has
    Jindera pumpkins and parsley from Thurgoona…

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