Interesting bits and pieces

Here’s a list of links to things I’ve found interesting while researching all this 160km guff.

+160km map, this is a good place to start. Type your town in and it will give you a map that you can print off and work out from where you can eat. There’s also lots of info on the 100mile site itself, recipes, ideas, all sorts. Its the original Canadian project, so its not all relevant to here in Oz., this site has all things food and drink wise. It’s useful to see what is in season in your area.

+Just how old are the ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables that we eat?, a UK perspective but I’d guess similiar systems maybe used here.

+One Block Meal,documents some Americans that set out to create a feast where pretty much everything is from within a few blocks of their house. Has some instructions on how to make basics like olive oil, salt, vinegar, beer, wine etc. It is from another 100 mile blog that seems to have all sorts of stuff in it.

+ ABC Locavore Challenge, an Australian perspective. ABC Rural special on one of their reporters who did the locavore diet for a month.

+ RMIT Social Innovation blogs,



Campaign Projects

Locavore mapping studio project

2 responses to “Interesting bits and pieces

  1. cool to see how Riaikk, Lucy and Matt are eating and doing – thanx for sharing – and the discipline the planning, the $$ and the gardening needed to hang in there with locavore living…

  2. Thanks mum, it’s all part of the fun of it

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