SI Case Study-Lattitude Australia

As part of this subject I completed a case study on a Melbourne based social innovation. I chose Lattitude Australia, whose Australian wing is based in Melbourne. Formally known as Global Activity Projects (GAP), it is a non-for-profit organisation that “is a charity specialising in volunteering for 17-25 year olds. We have a global vision and aim to provide unique experiences of voluntary work placements for young people from around the world.”

Lattitude have been placing volunteers since 1977 and over 25,000 young people have volunteered with us. Today, we place 2,000 young volunteers a year in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australasia, offering a variety of placements including teaching, caring, environmental, outdoor activity, medical and community development projects.

Personally I’ve been involved on and off with GAP now Lattitude since completing a placement in Warszawa, Poland in 2006. I taught English at a K-9 school there, for 5 months, and gained alot from the experience. Since returning to Australia I have assisted on and off with school talks as well as interviewing future gappers, or what ever they’re going to call them now (lattituders, lattitudens, all sounds a bit Medieval English to me…)

I completed an interview with Angela and Ben from Lattitude Australia’s marketing team to find out more about the workings of Lattitude. You can listen to it below. Enjoy…

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