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The rising cost of healthy foods

From ABC News Online

The rising cost of healthy foods

By Cate Burns

Supermarket fruit and vege

For Australia’s most vulnerable, the cost of healthy foods remains out of their reach. (Getty Images: Ian Waldie)

On Friday the Preventative Health Taskforce released a major discussion paper putting forward strategies to prevent and reverse the rise in overweight and obesity.

Obesity and other diet-related diseases such as heart disease and dental caries account for a large percentage of the health cost in Australia and are hitting those with the least financial and social resources the hardest. These preventable diseases will continue to plague our most vulnerable while the cost of healthy foods remains out of their reach.

Why do poor people eat poorly? Inevitably the answer has been “because they do not know any better”. This supposed ignorance has been the justification for the last 20 to 30 years of nutrition education. Health authorities have used dietary guidelines and exhortations to teach people about how to eat a healthy diet.

However, while consumers do need to have nutrition knowledge and food skills, and indeed many young Australians may not have either, knowledge is not the only ingredient for a healthy diet. The cost and taste of food are the strongest determinant of food purchase. As people’s income drops, cost becomes the primary driver of what they put in their trolleys. “Getting the most food for the least cost” becomes the modus operandi in the supermarket.

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The Beginning…

24/7, Friday- Well 30 days eating only locally grown and produced food and drink. Should interesting, I’m keen to see how it all works out. If your keen too, then you can read on and find out how it goes.

So the basic idea for all this gear is from Canada. 2 people decided to try and live off locally grown and produced food and drink for a year. Their restriction was 100 miles, or 160km (161ish if you want to be pandantic, if you are you’d include the decimal, I’m not). They succeeded, and in doing so started up a bit of a movement, thats spread around the world. Their reason for this was because of the ridiculous amounts of energy and resources that goes into transporting food around the globe, so we have everything on offer, all the time, all the year.

But it’s not really anything new, more just getting back to our roots of how we used to live before the wonders on global transport came along.

From the outset I think I’m in a fairly good starting place to have a crack at this for a month. I buy all my vegies and most of my meat from Vic Markets, and don’t eat out that much. I also like to cook and do it every night, so its not as big a shake up as it’ll be for some other people.

There are a few things though I’m going to struggle with. There’ll be no coffee, bread, rice, pasta, beer and the list goes on. I think I’ll be able to find substitutes or locally made items for some of these, so it’ll be interesting to see what is actually produced in our area.

So here we go….