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*This Wednesday!* Swanston St Bike Memorial

Day 3- The search begins…

28/7 Monday: Today I woke up got ready and went to have breakfast. So it was yoghurt again. I don’t really mind it, but I don’t think its going to be a long term solution, I’ll need a bit more variety. I’d just last week made up a big jar of muslei, and optimistically checked out the various ingredients packets to see if they were edible with my new mindset. As I only use the finest Homebrand ingredients in my muslei, I discovered that all the ingredients were made from Australian and imported goods, and also packed on Woolworths Way in some place up in NSW that starts with W. So thats a no go. Maybe there’ll be some left after the month…

After uni I set out to try and find some local food sources. I’m going to need more then yoghurt. I wasn’t really sure where to start as all the markets were closed today. I decided to head to the 100 mile cafe, and see if they had some advice. Here I had a chat to one of the managers and he had some handy advice. Some stuff I already knew, like hit up the weekend farmers markets and what not. But he also gave me a booklet on seafood that had whats local, whats ok to fish sustainably and what not. He also put me onto a good website that lists fruit and veggies that are in season. So with a bit of info I set out on the ol’ treddly. Near my old share house from last year, I’d riden past a cheese factory heaps of times, but never stopped to check it out. Its up near Barkley Square, so on my bike and I was there. After having a chat with a lady there, I found out that they made their own cheese there, but weren’t sure where the milk was from. The person who did know had gone home for the day and I’d have to come back one morning.

Another lead I’d thought of was Victoria st. Its close to my house and there’s tonnes of grocery shops near by. After a few false starts I noticed a lady shucking cauliflowers at a grocers, so I went to inquire. After having a chat and explaining what I was after, I was pleased to be told that all their veggies came from farms around Geelong, well within my range. Things are looking up. I only had a small backpack, but ended up with some carrots, mushies, potatoes, sweet potato, onions, beans, mint, parsley, spring onions, eggs, ginger and chilli. Then wandering about I tryed a butchers. Their boss had gone home and they weren’t sure where the meat was from. I tried another specialising in pork and they said their meat was from near melbourne. They didn’t know exactly where cos the boss had left as well, but I went with it and got half a kg of pork shoulder.

So for my first meal in Melbourne that was local, I had pork and stir fry veggies with egg through it. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I was starving. I was pretty happy with it. I even made some mint tea to go with it all. For dinner I made some soup. It was just a veggie and pork soup with a bit of chilli and ginger to flavour it. Pretty basic but it was filling. I need to find some oil or local butter to fry with.