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Now What? Social Innovation Proposal

How’s it? I’ve just posted my business proposal for Now What?. Now What? is the Social Innovation I’ve developed from this whole experience.Now What? is an internet based portal to link recent school leavers, with community organisations in need of volunteers.
Now What? is aimed at the young adult market of 18-26yrs. It will cater directly to people within this age group who are looking to gain valuable life experience from volunteering within Australia.

The proposal can be found here….

The rising cost of healthy foods

From ABC News Online

The rising cost of healthy foods

By Cate Burns

Supermarket fruit and vege

For Australia’s most vulnerable, the cost of healthy foods remains out of their reach. (Getty Images: Ian Waldie)

On Friday the Preventative Health Taskforce released a major discussion paper putting forward strategies to prevent and reverse the rise in overweight and obesity.

Obesity and other diet-related diseases such as heart disease and dental caries account for a large percentage of the health cost in Australia and are hitting those with the least financial and social resources the hardest. These preventable diseases will continue to plague our most vulnerable while the cost of healthy foods remains out of their reach.

Why do poor people eat poorly? Inevitably the answer has been “because they do not know any better”. This supposed ignorance has been the justification for the last 20 to 30 years of nutrition education. Health authorities have used dietary guidelines and exhortations to teach people about how to eat a healthy diet.

However, while consumers do need to have nutrition knowledge and food skills, and indeed many young Australians may not have either, knowledge is not the only ingredient for a healthy diet. The cost and taste of food are the strongest determinant of food purchase. As people’s income drops, cost becomes the primary driver of what they put in their trolleys. “Getting the most food for the least cost” becomes the modus operandi in the supermarket.

Read More….

Local Food Growing

From ABC News Online

Farmers’ markets drawing the crowds

By Amanda Collins

Good generic shot of fruit and veges from a Stanthorpe farmers market

Farmers’ markets have been trading in Australia for almost 10 years, but now more than ever, consumers are headed to market for fresh local produce.

Australian Farmers’ Markets Association chairperson Jane Adams says there are about 120 markets operating regularly throughout the country, with more expected to be trading by the end of the year.

Situated on the southern downs in Queensland, Stanthorpe is the latest community to launch a farmers market.

Reliant on agriculture, the region produces a diverse range of fruit and vegetables and almost all of Queensland’s apple and pear crop. Read more….

Despite this, Stanthorpe resident Gwen Jones says local produce is difficult to find and a regular farmers’ market is long overdue.

“We pass the farms but we just can’t seem to buy the local produce in the supermarkets. So it is really good to be able to come here and get fresh local produce,” she said.

Ms Adams, who also works with communities to establish markets said: “The growth of farmers’ markets has really come from two ends, one is the consumer and the other is the producer.”

Stanthorpe organic fruit and vegetable grower, Ray Palmer agrees farmers’ markets are becoming more popular for a couple of reasons.

“Producers can get retail prices and consumers can ask questions,” he said.

“There are also people who are wanting to reduce the amount of miles the food travels before it gets to their plate.”

*This Wednesday!* Swanston St Bike Memorial

Business Proposal

Tomorrow is our first class with RMIT business professor Peter Sheldrake. He is going to help us craft our social innovation concepts, into a real world business proposal. Something we could go to the bank with, literally! We had a brief run through last week, of where everyone’s ideas are at so far, and there’s some interesting ones in there.

My concept for a social innovation has been crafted into the following:

‘Now What?’ will be an internet based portal for recent school leavers. My inspiration comes from the existing Lattitude program (formally GAP) that offers school leavers the opportunity of volunteering overseas in various areas from caring, teaching, and environmental work. I went to Poland with GAP and taught English there in Warsaw. This was an amazing experience, especially being fresh out of school. I think I gained a lot from the experience, and personally was a much better choice then diving straight into uni.

‘Now What?’ will however target school leavers, who are looking to do something within Australia. They’ll probably have aspirations of further education, but have had enough for now, and want a year off to experience something else. ‘Now What?’ will be an agent between interested young people and community groups, NGO’s, conservation groups, who are interested in keen, engaged volunteers. ‘Now What?’ will work to establish a network of organisations that have at their core, an ethos of improving and assisting the community and area around them. This could be organisations such as Meals on Wheels, Green Corps, The Flying Doctors Service to name a few. It could also be roles such as assisting in research trips, conservation efforts and such. Applicants could either try out a field that they are interested in pursuing as an educational direction, or try something completely different to what they think they could end up doing.This opportunity would give them amazing life experience as well as a possibly valuable, relevant experience into their chosen field of further education.

The applicant could elect to either work within their own community, or apply to work somewhere else within Australia. This would be ‘Now What?’s main role, and allow young people the opportunity to travel Australia and gain a better understanding of the different environments that make up this massive country.

The money side of things I still need to develop, I don’t think a membership fee is viable, but possibly an introduction fee of some sort, or sponsorship from groups, schools, government?

Day 21

15/8, Friday- Going through this process, it makes you aware of the seasons, and what is available. Through our modern advancement, we’ve created systems that creates an almost unreality. Here in Australia, and from my experience overseas, we’re spoilt for choice. We don’t need to plan ahead anymore, create a winter larder, the system we have created does all the work for us. On one hand this is very convient, and frees up a lot of time for us to do other things. But on the other, we’ve lost and forgotten how the food we eat actually grows. There’s not really any excitment about the cycle of the seasons and associating different times of the year with different foods. We all know vaguely how food is produced,  but we generally don’t have any first hand experience of the journey that food travels to appear in our supermarket. But I suppose there’s a limit to how much we can learn, by looking into one area, we need to neglect another.

Anyhow today, with seasonal limitations in mind, I made up a left over mix up for breakfast. It was some leftover stirfried cabbage with egg. Not so bad.

Heading into the city for uni, I didn’t have anything bout the house that I could take in for lunch. But on a break, Brady and I headed up to the markets and grabbed some of the faithful Geelong mandarines. Made for an alright lunch. On the way home I stopped by the yellow chicken shop and grabbed some Marylands. At the chicken shop they had some new chicken sausages that they were trying to push. At $14/kg they’re a bit pricey for me, but I was interested to hear they had no fat in them. I used to work in a butchers, and was told that for a sausage to be a sausage, it had to have a certain percentage of fat content, round 25%. The chicken shop had heard of this too, but didn’t know what the reason was for. Another mystery of the world of food.

Once I got home, it was time for a quick dinner before heading out for the night. In the pan tonight was chicken maryland with some onion and cabbage.